Top cryptocurrency wallets for 2022 Rankings

What are the best hardware wallets for storing your crypto securely?


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Cold Storage Solutions
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Chapter 1
Crypto Wallets Compared

The original Bitcoin wallets have grown into feature rich cryptocurrency wallets that are multicurrency with the best security ever.

As you probrably know, choosing a cryptocurrency wallet is not just about how much money you spend.

Instead the wallets goals are to provide security, utility and to pay you a return.

And in this chapter you will learn how to choose a crypto wallet that suits your goals.

Compare Cryptocurrency Wallets

Our Picks for the Best Crypto Wallets of 2022

Top Hardware Wallet

Best Hardware Wallet
Ledger Nano X

Get the most capable secure crypto hardware wallet on the market. Ranked #1 in hardware wallets.

#1 High Interest Wallet

Best Hardware Wallet

Earn high rates of interest on your crypto and stablecoin holdings. Insured by Lloyds of London.

Best Cold Storage

Best Hardware Wallet

The ultimate in cold storage backup security. Disaster proof cold crypto wallet seed storage.

Crypto Wallet Comparison Table

Feature High Interest Hardware Wallet Cold Storage Hot Wallet Exchange
Security / Recovery
Hackproof Low Risk Low Risk No Risk Moderate Risk High Risk
Physical Theft Low Risk Yes / Funds Lost Yes / Funds Lost Low Risk Low Risk
KYC Yes No No Depends Yes
Fire & Flood Secure Not Secure Secure Not Secure Secure
Lost Backup Prove Identity Funds Lost Funds Lost Funds Lost Prove Identity
Insurance Insured None None None Partial
Technical Difficulty Easy Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Easy
Multicurrency Yes Yes 1-2 Yes Yes
Send / Recieve Difficulty Easy Intermediate Advanced Easy Intermediate
Trading Crypto No Yes / Expensive No Yes / Expensive Yes / Cheap
Exchange Fiat No No No No Yes
Cost / Benefit
Purchase Price Free $119 $89 Free Free
Interest Earned up to 10.4% No No No 0.27% - 2.39%
Best in Class Wallet for 2022
Editor's Choice Celsius Ledger Nano X Billfodl Jaxx Binance

Is Crypto Wallet Security Improving?

In my opinion, lessons learned from cryptocurrency wallet hacks in the past have lead to changes that make for better crypto wallet security today, then in the past.

Innovation in everything from hot wallets to hardware wallets has improved over the last 12 months.

While it is seen as the riskiest type of crypto storage, a large portion of people use exchanges as a wallet for thier crypto.

It is still risky, but the proportion of crypto hacked is way down by a factor of 30 times less stolen than at the time of MtGox, this is down in absolute value taken as well.

Cryptocurrency Hacks as a Percentage of Market Capitalization

The phrase "your keys - your crypto, not your keys - not your crypto" still rings true and one of the key benifits of hardware wallets and cold storage is to keep your funds in your posession.

Get more utility and fail-safes than ever before with better wallet apps and more robust hardware.

In the fiat world there are still roberies of cash and bank fraud - security is an issue no matter the monitary system.

How Much Resposibility Do You Want?

To some of you this may sound like apostasy...

But in my opinion you should diversify the risk of potential loss of keys for your crypto.

Have you ever lost your car keys or your phone?

Well you can lose your crypto by having the keys in your posesion - and many have.

7 ways to lower the risk of lost keys

  • Keep multiple back ups
  • Store your backups in multiple locations
  • Keep a portion of your funds in wallets that you do not require to contol your keys
  • Diversify between different wallet types
  • Use a hardware wallet
  • Make sure your cold storage is fire and flood proof
  • Never allow anybody to have posession or control of a device that you have a crypto wallet on

While there are definate use cases for keeping control of your keys,

Your backups can be stolen or lost in certain disaters you do not expect.

Sometimes funds can be stolen by those we least expect.

What your plan is to recover a lost wallet is critical to reducing your potential loss of crypto.

Some wallets including Celsius Network carry insurance on thier cold storage wallets.

Recovery of funds using a 3rd party custodian is a safer alternative for many if not most people.

My 9 Favourite Crypto Wallet Features

  1. Earn high interest on your cryptocurrency and stablecoins with crypto lending wallet programs like Celsius Network.
  2. Get 2X on your cold storage capacity with the Billfodl double sided steel cold storage wallet.
  3. Send and recieve crypto using cell phone numbers with Cellpay.
  4. Have a military grade hardware wallet with the Cobo Vault.
  5. There's a built in block explorer built into the Jaxx Liberty Wallet.
  6. Bluetooth enables the Ledger Nano X to be the first hardware wallet to connect to iphone and other iOS devices.
  7. Civic uses AI biometrics to verify Identiy to verify users.
  8. The pie chart in Exodus Wallet that shows you a visual breakdown of your wallet holdings.
  9. The shapeshift intigration in Exodus and Jaxx wallets that allows you to trade / swap your coins right from inside the wallet interface.

Which are the Most Popular Crypto Wallets?

The wisdom of crowds is a great way to assist you in choosing the best wallet, so here are the most popular wallets in each category:

Popular Wallets by Category

  • For high security hardware wallets the Leger Nano S is by far the most popular - The Ledger Nano X is a better version.
  • For securing your keys, Billfodl is the most popular Cold Storage Wallet.
  • Celsius Network has the most assets (450m+) of any high interest crypto wallet.
  • The most used exchange wallet is Binance's Trust Wallet.
  • The most popular hot wallet is Exodus - which has the most users for Desktop and mobile with crypto wallet apps for iOS and Android.
  • Exodus is the most popular free wallet, but high interest wallet apps like Celsius Netork will likely surpass them in the near future, as you get paid to use thier wallet and it is easier to use.

In my opinion you should have several crypto wallet types to diversify your risk.

The bottom line is if you are most conserned about return on capital, nothing beats high interest wallets.

Chapter 2
High Interest Crypto Wallets

Do you think that earning interest on your crypto is a good idea?

How about at rates that can be 100X higher than your bank account?

You can even earn interest while you hold your own keys in some cases.

Earn 10% plus on US dollar equivalant stablecoins.

You don't even have to be resposible for your own keys.

Integrated features make sending money as easy as a text message without complicated addresses.

High Interest Cryptocurrency Wallets

Can Hardware Wallets be Hacked?

The most recommended type of crypto wallet is by far hardware wallets which operates on a separate hardware layer to your computer and thus provides a barrier to getting hacked.

But recently, Kraken has hacked a Trezor wallet in about 15 minutes.

To be clear - they had the wallet in thier posession and this was not a hack through a computer.

This does raise the question as to thier safety - especially if you are robbed of the device or it is confiscated especially by a dubious goverment or corrupt officials. - It may not be safe to keep a harware wallet with you across borders.

What are hardware wallets best for?

To move crypto and keep it secure from online predators, a hardware wallet is still the safest way to hold and move your cryto in your posession.

Just keep it in a safe place just as you would your regular wallet.

How much should you spend on a hardware wallet?

To some of you this may sound like apostasy...

But in my opinion you should diversify the risk of potential loss of keys for your crypto.

Have you ever lost your car keys or your phone?

Hardware Wallet Rankings 2022

# Wallet Ease of Use Featues Currencies Mobile App Price (USD) Best Deal
1 Ledger Nano X Beginner Compact / 100 Applications Multicurrency Yes $119.00
2 Trezor Model T Beginner Color Screen 1000+ Coins Yes $159.00
3 Ledger Nano S Beginner Compact / Budget Pick Multicurrency Yes $59.00
4 Cobo Vault Intermediate Military Grade / Huge Screen Multicurrency Yes $479.00
5 Trezor One Beginner  Cheapest Overall Multicurrency Yes $39.80
6 KeepKey Beginner Large Display Multicurrency Yes $49.00