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Celsius Network Referral Code

Current Celsius Referral Code - Bonus Guide

  • Latest Celsius Network Referral Code for September 2022 - 174501a0ec Enter when you sign up.
  • Get a referral bonus of $50 USD in free Bitcoin with your first deposit of $400 USD or more
  • Get $50 USD in free Bitcoin with your first deposit of $400 USD or more with Celsius promo code HODL50 Enter in your profile under promo codes before making your first deposit of any accepted coin.
  • Your free Bitcoin bonus is released to you after 30 days
  • Earn weekly compound interest on your deposit and your bonus - Learn how to earn interest on Celsius
  • Earn up to 25% bonus interest when you choose to get paid in CEL tokens
  • Countries accepted include USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand + many more globally

What Does a Referral Code do?

A referral code is a promotion that gives new customers for the Celsius Network a bonus of $50. There is only one bonus amount of $50 no matter which code that you use. The code also gives $50 to the referrer that has referred you, it is an incentive to grow the network. I like this promotional method as it puts more money in the pockets of new customers instead of on fancy marketing like banks do.

How to Use the Referral Code 

  1. Download the app for your Apple iphone or Android Smartphone

    Celsius Network Referral Link

  2. Choose to Sign up with your email, Facebook, Google or Twitter account.
  3. Enter your name and email
  4. Enter the Celsius referral code: 174501a0ec in the box and click submit
  5. Enter your account information and verify it with a drivers License or passport
  6. In your profile enter promo code HODL50 Make your first transfer of at least $400
  7. Start earning crypto interest and receive your bonuses of $100

Celsius Referral Code FAQ

The Celsius Network Referral Code is 174501a0ec. Use it when signing up to get your Bitcoin bonus of $50 free.

Celsius Network is a legitimate company registered in the UK, founded by Alex Machinsky and Daniel Leon in October 2017. I have researched it thoroughly and am satisfied that they are completely legitimate, their goal is to provide a business through legal channels in all countries by following local laws, KYC and AML requirements. I have been using Celsius since October 2019 and have had very good results.

Referral codes work by giving new customers at Celsius Network a $50 bonus in Bitcoin and the referring person $50. Once you are a registered user at Celsius you can refer new customers and earn a referral bonus.

Celsius Network is a crypto interest app that works by lending money deposited in it by users to large hedge funds and investment banks and paying 80% back to the users. Loans are over-collateralized at 150% and no leverage is employed. The purpose of the loans is for arbitrage, market making and short selling by large banks and hedge funds without taking on crypto volatility risk.

Custody insurance for Celsius is provided by Fireblocks and PrimeTrust on assets. Celsius makes loans just like banks, but without leverage with 150% collateral, so no other insurance is required.

To share your referral code at Celsius Network follow these 5 easy steps:

  • Open the Celsius App and select the CEL logo on the bottom of the screen
  • Select Profile"
  • Select "Refer your friends"
  • Select "copy" your referral code and paste it where you like or select "share a unique link" to share with you contacts or social media followers.