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Celsius Network

  • Promo Bonuses: $10 - $600 USD
  • Minimum Deposit Range: $100 up to $25000
  • Earn Compound Interest on your Promo Bonus
  • Celsius Official Website: celsius.network
  • Referral Bonus: $50 USD in Bitcoin
  • Celsius Network Referral Code: 174501a0ec
  • Referral Link: Click here to claim your referral bonus

Current Celsius Promo Codes

Current Celsius Network Promo Codes
Promo Code Eligible Coins Reward Bonus Minimum Transfer Lock Period
HODL10 ALL $10 $100 30 Days
HODL50 ALL $50 $400 30 Days
HODL500 ALL $500 $25000 90 Days
BNB40 BNB $40 $400 30 Days
UNI60 UNI $60 $400 30 Days
PAXG60 PAXG $60 $400 30 Days
PAXG600 PAXG $600 $25000 30 Days
ADA40 ADA $40 $400 30 Days
ADA500 ADA $500 $20000 90 Days
STABLE10 USDC or USDT $10 $50 30 Days
STABLE50 USDC or USDT $50 $200 30 Days
STABLE600 USDC or USDT $600 $25000 90 Days

To be certain you have the latest Celsius Network Promo codes check thier site directly at Celsius.Network

Most Popular Celsius Promo Code September 2022

  • The most Popular Celsius Promo Code for September 2022 is HODL50 Enter on your profile under "Promo Codes".
  • Get a referral bonus of $50 USD in free Bitcoin with your first deposit of $400 USD or more of any accepted coin on your first deposit.
  • Get $50 USD in free Bitcoin with your first deposit of $400 USD or more with promo code HODL50 Enter in your profile under promo codes before making a deposit.
  • Your free Bitcoin bonus is released to you after 30 days
  • Earn weekly compound interest on your deposit and your bonus - Learn how to earn interest on Celsius
  • Earn up to 25% bonus interest when you choose to get paid in CEL tokens
  • Countries accepted include USA, Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand + many more globally

What Does a Promo Code do?

A promo code gives Celsius account holders for buying or transfering in cryptocurrency to thier account. Celsius does this instead of traditional advertising giving you the opportunity to recieve that value ditrectly instead of fancy tricks like traditional banks do.

How to Use Celsius Promo Codes 

  1. Download the app for your Apple iphone or Android Smartphone

    Celsius Network Referral Link

  2. Choose to Sign up with your email, Facebook, Google or Twitter account.
  3. Enter your name and email
  4. Enter the Celsius referral code: 174501a0ec in the box and click submit
  5. Enter your account information and verify it with a drivers License or passport
  6. In your profile tab select "Promo Codes"
  7. Enter all promo codes that you September use.
  8. Follow the directions to recieve your bonuses.

Celsius Promo Code FAQ

Celsius Network Promo Codes are the key to a whole bunch of cash bonuses that you can earn by depositing certain amounts of crypto.

Celsius believes that instead of spending money on advertising, that both you and Celsius would be better off if they cut out the bullshit and paid you directly to join them.

No, but if you use the referral code 174501a0ec both you and I will each get an additional $50.

Yes you can enter as many promo codes as you want, read the terms though as some are open only to new users, while others are open to all account holders.