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How to Earn Interest on Celsius

You want to earn interest with the Celsius Network App, but your not sure the best way to set up an account.

This guide covers how to earn interest on Celsius, I've been using the Celsius App for more than a year and I'm excited to share with you my insights. Lets get started by looking at some of the benefits of earning interest on the Celsius Network.

Celsius Network makes it easy to earn crypto interest. Download the Celsius app, open it click join and create your account, use referral code 174501a0ec to get your referral bonus, verify your identity and make your first deposit. On the next Monday you will have earned interest paid to your Celsius account.

Celsius Network offers users in 140+ countries the ability to earn interest on your crypto with more than 40 assets accepted including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Stablecoins like USDc. The interest earned with the Celsius app is paid weekly and is compounding, so you earn interest on your interest.

Make sure that you are at tho official Celsius website and download the correct app by following this referral link to Celsius.Network.

New accounts can earn a referral bonus of $100 in Bitcoin. Get $50 by entering the Celsius referral code 174501a0ec and making a minimum of $400 deposit. Get an additional $50 bonus by entering the Celsius promo code HODL50 under your profile. you start earning interest on your Celsius bonus immediately.

Choose to earn interest in CEL tokens and get 5% - 25% bonus interest earned on your crypto, you can sell them immediately for the extra return or hold on to the CEL tokens, earn interest on them with the potential for even higher gains.

There is no lockup time or amount to earn higher interest, everybody gets paid the same interest rate and you can withdraw some or all of your funds at any time.

Now that we have seen some of the benefits that Celsius Network has to offer, let's discuss how to earn interest on Celsius, including how to get a referral bonus. Here is the step by step process in 11 easy steps:

  1. Open a Celsius Account
  2. Download the Celsius Network App
  3. Join the Celsius Network
  4. Create a Celsius Wallet
  5. Claim your bonus by entering a referral code
  6. Create a PIN code
  7. Verify your Identity by creating your profile
  8. Enter a promo code for a deposit bonus
  9. Transfer Crypto to your Celsius Wallet
  10. Select whether to Earn interest in Kind or in CEL
  11. Watch as you Earn Compound Interest on Your Crypto Paid Weekly

Quick Video: How to create a Celsius Account

Watch a quick video thats just 1:16 long with a visual overview of the steps of opening a Celsius Network account, crucial to earning Interest on Celsius.

Download the Celsius Network App

Download the Celsius Network App

Download the app for your device:

  • Use this Celsius referral link to ensure that you get the right app directly from the official Celsius website
  • Apple iPhone and iPad users download the app from the Apple App Store
  • Android phones and tablets download from the Google play store
  • Get the web app directly from the Celsius website

Join the Celsius Network

Join The Celsius Network

Once the app has downloaded, open the Celsius app and click Join Celsius

Create your Celsius wallet

Create Celsius Wallet

Enter Your Account Information:

  • Your Proper Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Choose a password
  • Accept the terms and conditions
  • Click the "Have a Referral Code" button to claim your referral bonus

Claim your bonus by entering a referral code

Celsius Referral Code

Enter Your Celsius Referral Code:

  • Get $50 in Free Bitcoin
  • Enter the Celsius referral code 174501a0ec
  • Click Confirm
  • Deposit at least $400 USD (equivalent) and keep it in your account for the bonus to be released to you

Create a PIN code

Set your confidential PIN code:

  • Make it easy to remember
  • Do not use your birth date
  • 4-6 digits
  • Repeat your PIN to confirm

Create Profile & Verify your Identity

Verify Celsius Account

Enter your personal information for KYC:

  • First, Middle & Last Names
  • Birth date, Gender & Citizenship
  • Your current address
  • Verify your identity with a current drivers license, passport or national ID card
  • You will need to allow access to the camera and take a picture of your ID
  • US citizens will also need to enter their Social Insurance Number

Submit verification and wait a few minutes for the KYC (Know Your Client) verification to complete and your account to be activated.

Enter Your Celsius Promo Code

Celsius runs promotions which can get you real money bonuses. Before you deposit enter the promo code that best suits your deposit to get additional money. Some promos are open only to new accounts while others are open to all Celsius Network users.

Check my page on the latest Celsius Network promo codes to see what offers are currently available.

The most popular Celsius Promo Code now is HODL50 which gets new accounts $50 in free bitcoin with a minimum $400 USD deposit of any accepted coin and is paid to your account after 30 days:

  • Select "Profile" the person icon in the top right of the app:
  • Select "Promo Codes"
  • Enter the Promo Code HODL50
  • Get a $50 Bonus in Bitcoin deposited to your account with a minimum $400 USD deposit after 30 days.

Buy or Transfer Crypto to your Celsius Wallet

How to Buy Crypto

Select the "Buy coins" button on the top left of the account screen

  • Select either Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Credit Card is faster and cheaper for smaller amounts, while bank wires are slower they are cheaper for amopunts over $2000
  • Select the currency you want to pay with (US dollars, Canadian Dollars, Euro, Yen, etc...) and the crypto you would like to buy (Bitcoin, Ethereum, CEL Token, USDC (Digital US Dollars), etc...)
  • Select the amount you would like to buy and click calculate.
  • Confirm your purchase details and complete the funding of your transaction according to the instructions provided.

How to Transfer Crypto

Select "Transfer" from the Celsius menu on the bottom left to make your first deposit:

  • Select your preferred currency from the drop-down menu, there are over 40 choices including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stablecoins like Tether and USDC.
  • Send your deposit to the address provided - make sure that it is the correct currency!
  • Wait a few second to minutes for your transfer to be completed

Select whether to Earn interest in Kind or in CEL

Earn in CEL or in kind

Earn up to 25% more interest if you choose to get paid in CEL tokens:

  • CEL is the native token of the Celsius Network and if you hold 5% or more of your crypto in CEL tokens you will get an interest bonus
  • Bronze - 5%-10% = 5% Bonus Interest / Silver - 10%-15% = 10% Bonus Interest / Gold - 15%-20% = 20% Bonus Interest / Platinum - 20%+ = 25% Bonus Interest
  • Not to brag, but in my first year just my CEL tokens went up 40X in value + the interest I earned on crypto.

Watch as you Earn Compound Interest on Your Crypto Paid Weekly

Join The Celsius Network

Check out my earnings on Bitcoin for my first year

Refer your friends and earn $50 for each referral for you and $50 for your friend

Celsius consistently pays more interest than comparable crypto interest apps

It is also more secure with insurance on cold storage and collateralized lending

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