How to Earn Interest on Ethereum

How to Earn Interest on Ethereum

You want to earn interest with Ethereum but your not sure the of the best interest account.

There are more Ethereum interest scams than there are legitimate crypto interest account platforms. I have some experience with high interest Ethereum accounts and have done a lot of research, here is what I have found out.

In order to earn interest on Ethereum, open a crypto interest account on a platform that lends your crypto and pays you interest. There are 4 legitimate platforms that offer Ethereum interest accounts, however the interest rates differ from as low as 0.29% up to 8%. Celsius Network is the best platform to earn interest on Ethereum because of its high rates, new customer bonus, reputation and above all super high security.

Crypto Interest Accounts

A crypto interest account is like a bank account for your crypto. The difference is banks keep all of the profit for its shareholders and pays you nearly nothing, while crypto pays out more profit to its users to drive up their token price. Thats why crypto interest accounts can pay you 1000X more than your bank account.

Ethereum Interest Rates: September 2022
Platform Type Apps Interest Rate In Kind Rate
Nexo Centralized Website / Android / Apple 8% 6%
Celsius Network Centralized Website / Android / Apple 6.61% 5.05%
BlockFi Centralized Website / Android / Apple 5.25% 5.25%
Aave Decentralized Website 0.49% 0.49%

Here is what you need to know about crypto interest accounts:

  • Crypto Interest platforms earn crypto by lending to other users and companies or stake your crypto to earn yield. The difference between what they earn and what they pay you in interest is how they make their money.
  • The best crypto interest accounts have their interests aligned with the community and earn their money by holding interest accounts themselves. They also have high collateral to loan rates in case of non payment.
  • Considerations besides the interest rate paid are platform quality, minimum deposits, lockup periods, the frequency of payments and how popular they are with other investors.
  • You can expect to get a small referral bonus of $50 free or more for opening up and funding a new crypto interest account. Plus a promo code deposit bonus of $50 using Celsius Promo Code HODL50. Thats a 35% Bonus on your first $400 Deposit!

  • Best Ethereum Interest Accounts

    We have seen some of the benefits that crypto interest accounts have, Now lets take a look at the 4 best Ethereum Interest Accounts:

    1. Celsius Network
    2. Nexo
    3. BlockFi
    4. Aave

    Celsius Network

    Celsius Network is the most popular Ethereum Interest platform. Depositors are put first at Celsius the interest rates are among the best and there is no gas fees for withdrawals. Founded by Alex Machinsky in 2017 it is growing incredibly fast and has the absolute best terms for depositors.

    Celsius Network pays interest ion Ethereum one of in two ways, either in kind or in CEL token. for Ethereum holders that choose to earn in kind you will receive 5.05%. For Holders that choose to get paid in CEL tokens you will receive bonus interest depending on the amount of CEL tokens you hold ranging from a 5% bonus to 25% higher interest if you hold 25% of your tokens in CEL.

    I have been earning on the Celsius Network platform for more than a year, I immediately selected to earn in CEL and after one year the amount interest plus price appreciation in the CEL token just with the interest earned was 43% of my original deposit. The rates do adjust weekly but not by huge amounts, and support can be slow due to the huge influx of new customers.

    Celsius Network is my first choice to earn interest on Ethereum because of their strong team, The best new account bonuses, great rates, insured cold wallets and the huge upside of holding CEL token as well.

    Get $50 in Bitcoin when you sign up by using Celsius Referral Code: 174501a0ec

    Get $50 in Bitcoin when you sign up by using Celsius Promo Code: HODL50

    To claim both bonuses you need to deposit a minimum of $400 of crypto and hold it there for at least 30 days. Claim you bonuses by following this link to the Celsius Network

    Download the Celsius Network App

    Download the Celsius Network App


    Nexo is a disruptive crypto lending program founded in 2017 and is lead by Antoni Trenchev. There is a super easy user interface with iOS, Android and Web apps plus low fee trading capability in app.

    Ethereum interest rates range from 5%-8% depending on the number of Nexo tokens that you hold and if you choose to receive your interest in Ether or in Nexo. Earn 5% on Ethereum and get paid in Ether while holding zero Nexo tokens. If you hold 10% or more of your balance in Nexo earn 1% more to get 6%.

    Choose to earn in Nexo, while holding 10% of your balance in Nexo and get paid 8% interest on Ethereum. I recommend doing this to earn the highest rate, if you really want to earn more Ethereum you can sell your Nexo from time to time into Ether. Myself I'm hodling Nexo as I believe it has better growth potential.

    Interest is paid daily and is compounding which is superior to other platforms paying less frequently.

    Nexo pays the highest interest rates on Ethereum at 8% for Nexo holders earning in Nexo. Nexo tokens pay 70% profit earned by the platform and Nexo tokens September appreciate in the future, these are in addition to the interest paid.

    There currently are no Nexo referral codes or Nexo promo codes to get a sign up bonus for new customers.

    To sign up for Nexo and start earning interest on your Ethereum Join Nexo


    Blockfi is an institutional quality credit and savings platform launched in 2017 by Zac Prince and Flori Marquez. Gemini Trust LLC of New York is their primary custodian.

    Ethereum interest rates on BlockFi are 5.25% and are paid in Ether at the beginning of every month.

    BlockFi offers 6 tiers of referral bonus depending on the amount that you deposit with them ranging from $15 for a minimum $25 deposit to $250 bonus for a minimum deposit of $20 000. Bonuses are paid in Bitcoin and balances must be maintained for a minimum of 2.5 months to claim your new account bonus.

    BlockFi Bonus- New Ethereum Accounts
    Tier Balance Maintained Bonus in Bitcoin
    1 $25-$249 $15
    2 $250-$999 $20
    3 $1000-$4999 $40
    4 $5000-$9999 $75
    5 $10000-$19999 $150
    6 $20000+ $250

    To sign up for BlockFi and start earning interest on your Ethereum Join BlockFi


    Aave is a decentralized lending and earing platform based on the Ethereum network.

    The Ethereum interest rate on Aave averaged 0.29% at the time of writing, but varies minute by minute due to fluctuating market demand. To interact with Aave you need to have a Web 3.0 wallet like Metamask. You are also responsible for your own keys so make sure that you keep them in at least two secured places with one of them being off site to your residence like a safety deposit box.

    There currently are no Aave referral codes or Aave promo codes to get a sign up bonus for new customers.

    To sign up for Aave and start earning interest on your Ethereum Join Aave